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Kopasetic Kush

strain type: indica 75% - sativa 25%
buzz: clear head, strong body, fast onset
taste/smell: pine with woody overtones
flowering time: 56-70 days
parents: Original SFV-OG Kush(female)
X-chemdawg(reversed female)

yield: 500-600 g/m2(1-1 2/3 oz/ft.2
enviroment: indoor/outdoor

The Kopasetic Kush is what you would expect when it comes to Kush! We are responsible for bringing the original SFV OG Kush to The Netherlands and work with this amazing strain as much as possible. Paired together with the Chemdawg #4 reversed female it is sure to be a show pleaser. It is quite easy to grow, stay rather short and produces an amazing pine, woody and fuel fragrance and taste.  


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