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Dawg Brains

Dawg Brains 2

Dawg Brains

strain type 30% Indica: 70% Sativa
buzz Upbeat, creative, feel good.
flowering time 55-65 days
parents Brainstorm Haze(father) X Chemdawg #4(mother)
yield 400-650 g/m2 (1-1.5oz ft.2)
environment indoor/outdoor

After returning from Northern California with female seeds of the Chemdawg #4, we decided to cross her into our award winning Brainstorm Haze. The cultivar is stable and will give you a heavy harvest and a sweet chocolate-cheese type of fragrance & taste. She is ideal for adequate spacing between plants as she likes to branch out wide. The high is very upbeat and motivating and is ideal for avoiding couch lock & laziness. Growing her out requires little skill and she is ideal for any type of grower and medium.

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