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Southern Lights   
Star Gazer  
Brainstorm Haze 
Brainstorm Haze G13 
F.O.G. Fruit of the Gods 
Super Star
Double Kush
Simpson Kush
Strawberry Skunk
Southern Lights #7
Magnum Platinum Haze
Kopasetic Kush

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Retail Price List 2018
Seeds Are Sold Per 5 Pack Each.

Description Product Code MSRP
Super Star SS-05-R €35.00
Canasutra CS-05-R €35.00
Stargazer SG-05-R €35.00
AIEA AIEA-05-R €35.00
Brainstorm Haze  BSH--05-R €39.95
Fruit Of The Gods(FOG)  FOG FOG-05-R €39.95
The Merkahba MK-05-R €39.95
Southern Lights SL-05-R €39.95
Double Kush DK-05-R €39.95
Brainstrom Haze x G13 BSHG13-05-R €39.95
Simpson Kush SK-05-R €39.95
Mekong Haze MH-05-R €19.95
Afghani Mazar-i-Sharif AFGMZ-05-R €19.95

Feminized Seeds
Description Product Code MSRP
Fondue SS-05-R €49.00
Kopesetic Kush KOPA-05-F €49.00
Magnum Platinum Haze MAG-05-F €49.00
Southern Lights #7


Strawberry Skunk STRSK-05-F €49.00
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Delta 9 Labs only ships to countries where it is legal to import cannabis seeds.
In some countries it is forbidden to import hemp seeds, therefore Delta 9 Labs strongly advises all potential customers to check their national guidelines before placing any orders. We can not be held responsible for persons breaking these regulations, neither do we accept product-liability. Delta 9 Labs has no wish to induce anyone to act in conflict with the law and cannot be held responsible for those who do so.

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