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Grow Tips

growing from seed

1. Growing from Seed

Every seed is a living organism that needs to be handled delicately. Be very careful with your seeds.

We recommend starting your seeds in a pre-moist soil and place the seeds 2-5mm directly below the loose light soil. The soil is placed into a plastic container with the lid closed to maintain 70-80% Humidity. Place the container in a dark, warm environment for 48-72 hours until you see the seeds sprout. Planting directly in soil gives less chance for damage on new roots. Move plants under a fluorescent lamp, approx. 3-5" from the tops. After 2-3 weeks your plants should be 4-8" tall and ready to be transplanted.

2. Seedling Temperature Tip

Temperature is crucial for proper development of roots and shoots, young seedlings are especially at risk. Keep your temperature between 18 - 22 C for best results. Too high can dry out your tender seedlings too low can cause slow growth and actually increases your male to female ratio as a survival technique to ensure the continuation of plant.

gender of Cannabis

3. Identifying Male / Females

Recognizing the gender of Cannabis is a lot easier than people think. Cannabis is a dioecious plant, meaning it has male and female plants, the males are useful for breeding but the female is what we are after. You can identify the female by the distinct white hairs in a "V" shape. The preflower usually starts on the main stem. The males which usually flower first, grow a cantaloupe shaped pollen that opens eventually and, will pollinate all surrounding females, resulting in seeds. To grow superior cannabis, you need to grow "sensimilla", which means without seeds, so recognizing the gender is very important, and should happen early, to avoid unwanted spoiled crops.

4. Light cycles tip

In growing "motherplants, cuttings, veg" the light cycle is 18 on and 6 off. When Inducing flowering of plants to give your plants a good start, it is important to reset it's internal clock. To do this give the plant 36 hours of darkness before the first 12 hours light 12 hour dark cycle. Remember the dark cycle must be kept 100 % dark, any distruption can cause the plant to start to reveg (grow again) and / or hermaphrodite and we don't want any of that.

Delta 9 Labs only ships to countries where it is legal to import cannabis seeds.
In some countries it is forbidden to import hemp seeds, therefore Delta 9 Labs strongly advises all potential customers to check their national guidelines before placing any orders. We can not be held responsible for persons breaking these regulations, neither do we accept product-liability. Delta 9 Labs has no wish to induce anyone to act in conflict with the law and cannot be held responsible for those who do so.

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